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An Interview with Two of Ecocell’s Distributors

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Date : 26 June 2015

Ecocell is the export brand of Eveready and it has grown tremendously over the past few years. Since 1937, Ecocell and Eveready have co-existed and grown in South Africa and throughout Africa; and in 2003, Ecocell found even more success in the Middle East.

Our products are of high quality and they are all proudly South African, with Eveready being a very Proudly South African brand. They consist of Ecocell batteries and lighting, House of York products and Kestrel wind turbines.

This month, we spoke to two of our distributors to get some insight into how Ecocell is progressing as a brand and how we are expanding in the market.

Take a look at what our distributors had to say:

Sanjeev ­­­­ Sharma – Middle East

Sanjeev is our Middle East distributor and he has been distributing our products since 2004. In the Middle East, Ecocell as a brand is growing and it is available in all channels in the Oman market. "It’s an excellent brand,” says Sanjeev, "very good quality with attractive packaging and reasonable pricing.”

Over the years, Sanjeev has had a great experience working with Ecocell and he believes that a couple of our biggest strengths in the market as a brand are that our products last a lot longer than other brands’; and that our products are very affordable in a very competitive market.

When asked to give some insight with regard to Ecocell’s brand growth in the Middle East, Sanjeev said that we are way ahead of giant competitors and only slightly behind an international brand. Sanjeev added, "No other new brand has ever lasted so prominently in any market”. This is something we take pride in as we are proud to be doing so exceptionally well in the international market.

Jose Azevedo – SADC

Jose is our expert manager for the SADC region and he has been working with Ecocell since 2012. As with the Middle East, Ecocell is also growing in the SADC. The growth in this market is a bit slower than in the Middle East, but we believe that any growth is important.

When asked about Ecocell’s strengths in the market, Jose agrees with Sanjeev, saying, "It is a good quality product that sells for an affordable price.”

Jose does, however, believe that Ecocell needs to expand more and become more well-known – which brings us to our mission and vision:

As with all brands, Ecocell is constantly growing. Through attention to detail, the manufacturing of top quality products and keeping our prices affordable in this competitive industry, we are working towards giving our brand more exposure and more recognition from consumers.

Our main vision is to; ultimately, make Ecocell a brand that is well-known throughout Africa.

Interested in distributing Ecocell? Contact us to find out more information on what it takes to distribute our wide range of quality products.