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Choosing the best battery

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Date : 14 March 2013


Have you ever bought, and used batteries that just didn’t last as long as they should have? More than likely, you have used the wrong battery type for your device.

Firstly you need to determine if your device is low, moderate or high drain.

High drain devices are: digital cameras, high-power flashlights and gaming consoles - they need a lot of power to operate.

Those that use a lesser amount of energy are classified as moderate drain, such as: battery operated toys, digital clocks, normal flashlights and remote controls that need support on demand.

Low drain appliances are clocks, TV remotes, calculators, sensors and smoke alarms – they require little energy support to work.

So how do you know which battery to use?

Ladies, think of bra fitting; and gentlemen, choosing the right golf club.

Guys, you wouldn’t use a putter for a 280 yard drive, so don’t use a zinc chloride for your digital camera. The best battery for your digital camera would be the Ecocell Digital Lithium

Gamers will get hours more play with the Ecocell Platinum Plus the best battery in their Wii, Xbox or Playstation.

And ladies, a full-cup padded bra is great for the average bust, just like a flashlight needs moderate support; so pick a zinc chloride for optimum performance. Ecocell Super Heavy Duty is Africa’s premium zinc chloride battery. It’s the best battery for TV remotes and low-moderate drain flashlights.

However the bustier ladies need a more support. So, when using a moderate to high drain flashlight or device use Ecocell Platinum the best alkaline battery for a consumer looking for a great quality and value for money alkaline battery.

And if you have to replace the AAs in your wall clock, think of it as a gentle putt for the the SA Open with the Ecocell Super Heavy Duty, a zinc chloride battery which is best for a basic torch or wall clock.

So next time you sling a pack of batteries into your shopping trolley, think what it’s going to be used for and if it’s the right fit.