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High quality batteries made in Africa for Africa

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Date : 06 March 2013

Ecocell, the South African battery manufacturer, based in Port Elizabeth is breaking the myth that Africa is a destination to dump cheap products. 70 years on dominating the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region battery market has shown us that the African customer is loyal to quality products.

While the perception is that lowest price wins, the reality is that customers seek a value proposition from quality manufacturers. For years, African consumers have experienced bad quality products that didn’t last, leaked and destroyed their devices.

Ecocell provides a value proposition for Africa. The product has been tested in local markets and Ecocell remains thrilled at the loyalty which develops once a consumer is exposed to our quality.

Ecocell batteries have been tested along with other competitors from the African market at our world class Test facility which is accredited for Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9001 standards and have been found to be significantly competitive.